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Last PVCCS news December 2012

PVCCSV News#13 November 2012Continue Reading

July 2012 Newsletter

Chapman July 2012 newsletterContinue Reading

March/April 2012

Chapman Family Ministry News. March/April. 2012. Serving in Education and Performing Arts in Vanuatu. C- Port Vila Community Christian School Vanuatu. Box 350 Port Vila. Ph. +678 7755221            E:                  Also on facebook            Web:    Giday Family & Friends. Thought I’d write before there’s too much news! Hisstory Lessons “Who is yourContinue Reading

Chapman tribe concerts

Andy Chapman and tribe concerts Giday folks, Giday family n friends, We have a few weeks left in Australia to raise a bit more support and awareness for our ministry in Vanuatu in Education and Performing Arts. Concerts will feature New songs from Andy n Asher and some old classics! Plus CDs and Island handyContinue Reading

Chapman Family Newsletter January 2011

Chapman family ministry news. Jan 2011. Serving the people of Vanuatu Islands through Education, Discipleship, Music and Dance. E:   ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbour as yourself’ Jesus, recorded in Matthew 22:37 to 38. Paraphrased.  As many of you know already, there has been widespread, recordContinue Reading